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What should I do if there is a hernia on the wheel?

The wheeze of a vehicle from one side is called a hernia. It usually appears due to a defect on the inner layer of rubber. This kind of trouble can happen because of the beating of the wheel, because when the car tire inflates, balancing occurs. It is not always possible to repair a bucket, and, in large measure, it is pointless to do it, because even after repairing it will not be possible to completely restore the rubber.

But all the same, it is possible to partially restore the tire from the hernia. But it is necessary to install it only on the rear axle or, what is better, to use as a spare.
Because of what hernias appear on a car wheel and what are its consequences
The reasons for the appearance of “cones” can be as follows:

– if the technology in the production of the tire is violated. Such a defect, as a rule, manifests itself in the first months of the operation of a car.

– road pits.

– side to side.

– an accident.

Because of what the tire inflates? Everything is simple here. The tin, in itself, is a multi-layered construction: it has a metal-cord frame, a rubber belt, a textile layer and a tread.

At first it may seem that the side hernia of the tire is not so much a critical defect that greatly affects safety. But when riding a car with damaged rubber, there are such negative consequences:

– heating of the tire;

– increase in wheel pressure;

– rubber from a hernia can easily “explode” if on a wheel there will be big loads.

Here are just a few examples:

– high speed;

– large mass of vehicle;

– emergency braking;

– hit the wheel in the pit.

– Riding on a broken road.

That is why it is important to take seriously the defect of the car, moreover, that manufacturers of tires for cars do not recommend to drive on damaged tires.
hernia on the car wheel

How to repair a hernia on a car wheel?
Repairs of hernia are carried out by many in many tire fitting workshops. But, unfortunately, not every blow of the wheel is to be repaired. Repair will not help to restore already destroyed fibers and the former strength will not return in any way.

The vulcanizer in the workshop is most likely to provide a reinforced patch.

After repair, the tires change the geometry, mass and balance of the automobile wheel. The rigidity of tires also breaks. In the place of the defect, even after the repairs will be visible hardly noticeable hollow.

For such a repair the motorist will have to lay out from 1000-5000 rubles. For the same money you can buy used, but kissed rubber.

Sometimes, inside the damaged tire, insert the camera. But since it does not have reinforcing fibers, it does not increase the stiffness, and especially the strength of the wheel. In addition, balancing occurs.

Sometimes tire fitting masters are framing the sidewall of tire with hinged reinforced threads and vulcanize the felted place with crude rubber.
hernia on the car wheel
How to be, if the “bump” on the tire appeared on the road?
In this case, you should use such useful recommendations.

If the “cone” is detected on the motorway, then the wheel should be replaced immediately. If for some reason this can not be done, then you should try to get to the nearest tire fitting workshop.

From time to time you should stop and see if the size of the hernia increases. With its very rapid increase, the probability of tire rupture increases.

If the “cone” appears on the front wheel, then this wheel must be moved to the rear axle. This, in the event of a tire break, will allow you to drive the car further.

Repair of a hernia – a measure, of course, temporary. It will not be possible to repair tires completely. So, it’s impossible to leave damaged tires on the wheels of the car. Damaged tires only need to be disposed of or used, of course, after repair, as a spare wheel.

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