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How to reduce the fuel consumption of the car in 2 times?

The power of modern vehicles is quite large, and the correct actions of a motorist can significantly save the budget of the family on fuel. The fuel consumption can be reduced by 40-50 percent without changing the design of the car.
Do not push the gas pedal
There are many reasons for the high fuel consumption. First of all, it is aerodynamics, traction and, accordingly, engine power at low speeds and road surface resistance. The car needs a lot of energy to accelerate to operating speeds, but then all the power is spent only on resistance. In order to minimize harmful emissions from the pipe, it is recommended to use the simplest actions with the gas pedal. To squeeze it it is necessary only at start, but as soon as the speed will be recruited to 30 km / h will be hardly easy touches. The engine in this case will not expand over 2.5 thousand / rev. What is quite enough for a ride in the city.

At the bottom of the modern power plants have quite good characteristics. Direct injection reaches 80 percent of the torque by 1.2 thousand / rev. If the unit is equipped with the VVT ​​system, then 80-85 thrust is also available with a thousand revolutions, under which one can not press on gas, either during a smooth start or during acceleration. It accelerates to 100 km / h in just 30 seconds. It is this dynamics that occurs at 2 thousand revolutions

It’s not so easy to keep the engine from excessive speed. But if the vehicle is equipped with manual gearbox, the gas pedal must be released smoothly and idle when the engine is running. The motor, equipped with the EFI, will slightly raise the thrust so as not to clog up. New BMW and Mini are already equipped with “STARS” system. To avoid unnecessary overpasses, the electronics independently exhibit the correct moment of fuel supply.
reduce fuel consumption of the machine

The higher the transmission, the better
Further, it is very important to achieve higher transmission speed faster. 30 km. speed should include 4th, and at 60 km / h. – the sixth Then the engine will issue less than 2000 rev., And the consumption of “goryuchka” will fall several times. At 3000 vol. gasoline is consumed in 3 and a half times more than at 1.5 ths.

So, if the car is moving at a speed of 55-60 km / h on a high gear, then it allows 1.6-liter. the engine to reduce the consumption of gasoline to 4-5 liters. for 100 km. Such a method is useful in the waste gas tank, when it is necessary to reach the gas station at the last breath.

In addition, modern cars use the “Start-stop” system, which automatically shuts off the power unit in the traffic jams. On the old machines, the engine can be switched off itself. During the idle time at stoppers or at crossroads of roads on traffic lights, if the engine is muffled, a total of 5 percent of fuel is saved. However, it should be remembered that too frequent launches of the unit for the mechanics are harmful, and stopping the engine is still better at long stops.
gear change gear knob

Rubber and aerodynamics
Perfectly helps to save gasoline correctly pumped tires. Automakers are advised to inflate the front wheels to 2.3 atmospheres, and “drive” up to 2.1 atm. If the tire is pumped to 2.8 atmospheres, the contact spot will approach the road approximately 1.5 times. That makes up about 10 percent of the economy of “goryuchka”.

But most importantly – do not disturb the aerodynamics of the car. The roof rack, the roof rails and the wing curtain significantly distort the flow of air that passes through the body of the car. In the rear part of the car there is a random turbulence, an area of ​​low pressure is formed that sucks the car back, blocking its movement.

All the simple tips listed above will help you save on fuel.
Rubber and aerodynamics of the car

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