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Engine overhaul after repair: rules and recommendations

In order to restore the original characteristics of the power plant, it may be necessary to carry out a repair, which involves the replacement of individual elements, nodes and aggregates. After carrying out such an event, it’s not advisable to use motor vehicles in normal mode until they are traversed.

The engine overhaul after repair is necessary to extend the technical resource of the power unit and improve its performance. Ignoring the rules of rotation will help to reduce the functionality of the repaired machine by 25-30 percent, and sometimes for all 50%. But with the right approach you can create a big margin of safety.
So what is this – running around?
This is nothing but the proper operation of the newly-refurbished engine in a gentle mode. The overhaul of the motor after the repair is a necessary measure, as new parts must adapt to the friction surfaces.

At the first stage, the car must travel about 3000 km and only then can the load on the power plant be gradually increased. Only after 10-15 thousand km mileage all parts are completely cleaned During this period, provided that when the winding is used, the oils recommended by the manufacturer are used, and the loads are controlled, the possibility of zadriv and any reflows on the replaced elements is leveled. When rolling the load on the power plant and crankshaft should be reduced to 60 percent.

Even if all the replaced spare parts are original, you will not be able to do it without a run. There are several reasons for this:

– there is no possibility in the car shop to create factory conditions, and, consequently, the quality of the assembly is lower;

– service life not requiring replacement of parts differs from the original;

– new parts after treatment usually do not fully meet the required requirements.
Engine overhaul after repair
First start of power unit after repair
It is very important before starting to start the engine before winding. Since this moment is very and very responsible, it is important that all nodes and systems of the reanimated automobile engine operate in the normal mode.

The batteries should be full, since their stock on the heavy crankshaft may not be enough. You should also check the condition of the starter.

The oil should be flooded to the highest level. But in order not to form an air cushion the oil filter should not be filled.

Float chamber should be filled with fuel. In the absence of an electric drive, the air damper must be covered. If it is cold, then it is necessary to heat the engine oil and bring the motor block to an acceptable temperature.

After starting the unit with a starter on the pressure gauge, immediately the pressure of the engine oil should be displayed, which should be 3.5 – 4 kg / cm2. However, if after 3-4 seconds after the power plant did not run out of it, then the “engine” should be drowned urgently and proceed to find out and eliminate the cause of the malfunction.

If the pressure of the engine oil in the “engine” of the car is normal, then it is up to 85-93? should warm up empty.

Then you need to start the radiator fan and after a few minutes of its operation, the motor must be drowned and wait until it cools to 30-40 ?. After 15-20 times warming up, you can start the winding.
How to ride the TC after the repair?
Before rolling the car on the go, you should run it on average idling speeds:

– 1 thousand revolutions – 3-4 min;

– 1, 500 thousand revolutions – 3-4 min;

– 2 thousand turns – 5 minutes.

At run time with insignificant load, the speed can not be higher than 60-70 km. During the first 5 hundred kilometers, the unstable operation of the unit is likely to occur in idle mode, which will require additional adjustment.

When the mileage reached 3,000 cars km speed can be increased to 90 km / h. The subsequent increase will require caution. It will be better to wait until the mileage reaches 10,000-15,000km.
Oil change
After 3 thousand kilometers. The run should be 2-3 times to change the oil and filter. All elements in this period are rubbed rigidly, and there is a probability of the appearance of a plurality of microparticles.

Ideally, engine oil should be updated through 500, 1,000 and 2,000 km of run. Only high quality product should be flooded. Once the run is completed, it is necessary to replace the oil again and rinse the engine thoroughly. Now you can use semi- and synthetic motor oils.
Replacing the oil after running the engine
Very important warnings
Some unwanted conditions can create a new problem for a motorist. Therefore, it is not desirable:

– ride on an unheated car;

– increase engine speed up to 2 thousand rpm;

– overload the car and clutch the trailer;

– to change sharply the speed of movement;

– long drive in one engine mode.

The car owner must remember that the use of a repair will only be carried out when properly trimmed.

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