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What are the spark plugs, from what they are made of and how can they be replaced independently?

Why replace spark plugs?
Their timely replacement will ensure uninterrupted operation of the fuel system and will prevent unwanted breakdowns in the road.
What should a car owner know about spark plugs?
Modern vehicles are equipped with an internal combustion engine that generates the energy necessary for the movement of the machine. Energy is generated by combustion of a combustible mixture in a cylinder of a power plant. The purpose of the spark plugs is ignition, ignition of the fuel mixture. It is precisely from their condition that the start of the engine, its power and the consumption of “goryuchki” depends. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the procedure for their replacement in a timely manner.

If a person has certain skills in repairing different models of cars, then he will be able to do a simple repair of the machine on his own, and then you will not need to drive the car to the service every time. For example, replacing spark plugs is possible without someone else’s help, as this process is fairly easy. The main thing is to do everything strictly according to the instructions and then everything will work out.
spark plugs
What is the design of spark plugs?
Consists of standard SZ from several parts:

– contact pin;

– insulator;

– ribs of the insulator;

– central and side electrode;

– sealer
the design of spark plugs
What are the SZ?
There are 3 types of candles:

– classical;

– platinum;

– Iridium

The candles got their names due to the fact that at the time of their manufacture, the same name was used in the manufacture of electrodes. Conventional candles have electrodes made of copper, platinum, of course, of platinum, and iridium SO – of iridium alloy. For strength, some types of copper electrodes are sprayed with yttrium. Plus platinum candles is that platinum itself is not afraid of corrosion, high temperatures and does not burn out. Iridium candles have similar characteristics. The most durable candles are those candles whose electrodes are made of platinum and iridium.
what are the candles of ignition
How can you replace the spark plugs in the car yourself?
Before changing the spark plugs in your car, you need to let the engine engine cool down, that is, after a trip, it should take three or better four hours. After this, you need to clean the area around the spark plugs with compressed air or other brush type devices. This procedure must be done, otherwise all dirt will come directly to the motor, and this is fraught with unpleasant consequences.

After the space around is clean, it is necessary to disconnect all the wires that are attached to the candles and it is desirable to mark them somehow so as not to confuse them later. For example, you can paste pieces of tape on the necessary wires. After this, you need to remove old spark plugs, and only then will need to install new candles. It is important to remember that when installing candles it is not possible to drag them, that is, there will be enough only two turns with a key, which is designed specifically for these purposes, and the candles will be able to hold on safely.

Instead of replacing old candles, you need to put new ones, and then you need to carefully connect all the wires and carefully remove marks from them in the form of an insulating tape.

Then you need to remove all the tools and try to turn on the ignition, if the candles were correctly replaced, then the car will start without any problems. If suddenly the car starts to behave in the wrong way during the journey, then some kind of mistake may have been made in replacing the candles. In this case, you need to carefully examine everything, and thus you will probably be able to see your flaw and fix it.

Before you begin to replace the candles it is desirable to see the appropriate video, if of course this work is done for the first time, the person with experience will not need to watch the training lessons. And with a good video, a person who does not even have experience in this business will be able to change the candle in a car. Generally, good authors always try to remove the most comprehensible lesson, so with its help, many mistakes will not be made in replacing candles. Finding a video will not be difficult, you just have to write in the search engine: how can I replace the auto spark plugs myself, video. And after a moment I will be able to see a lot of useful videos.
replacement of spark plugs

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