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What is a laser car fog stop light

Standard position lights and “stops” are not good enough in conditions of insufficient visibility. The light bundle of their headlights badly “breaks” the snow curtain, the rain wall or the fog hole. Even under a almost the same.it is difficult to accurately determine the distance to the car going ahead. It is possible, of course, to buy stop lamps and more help, but, firstly, they are more expensive, and the effect itself is almost the same.

But now, with this kind of problem, laser fog stop lamps are very successful. Their pluses, drawbacks and principle are discussed below.
laser car fog stop light
Principle of operation of laser stop signals
Laser “anti-fog” is a scanty (18 x 25 mm), waterproof and impact-resistant aluminum cylinder. It is within this cylinder that a laser is arranged to form a lens of round shape for refraction of its light on the front of the stop lamp. This allows the device to leave behind a car on the road a triangle with a bright laser “stop”.

Watching such a limiter, a motorist driving behind brakes. This allows you to avoid an emergency situation. Also, this will be a caveat for very active DD participants who do not support the correct distance.

The miniature dimensions are held on a metal bracket, which allows you to adjust the angle of the “stack” inclination. The brake is fastened on bolts or on tape. This device is connected to a standard stop lamp or to the rear position lamps.

There is a universal laser “anti-fog” about 2000 rubles, but you can find models and more expensive.

It further makes sense to consider in more detail the advantages and disadvantages of fog laser devices.
laser car fog stop light
Advantages and disadvantages of a laser stop light
The pros of such breaks in the following:

– The laser fog “stop” will improve the visibility of the vehicle.

– The device itself can be used as a parking radar.

– The laser beam length is adjustable.

– the magnitude of the electric voltage of the laser is only 12-19 volts.

– has a wide temperature range.

– beautiful visibility in fog or in the rain.

– low cost.

But in the presence of advantages, a laser and there are also shortcomings:

– in clear weather its beam will be impossible to see.

– A riding driver behind can be confused when seeing such a line, because in Russia laser “stops” signals are still rare.

If for some reason the device will change the angle of inclination, the beam from it can easily fall on the front glass next behind the car.
How to mount a laser stop light
When installing it, the motorist does not need any special skills. The only thing he will need is, first, find a place for his installation. As a rule, laser “stacks” attach:

– under the spoiler;

– a registration mark;

– near the headlight.

A laser brake light is drawn from the electric network of the vehicle. That is why the laser anti-fog lamp is connected in three variants: to the fog lamp, to the dimensions or to the stop signal.

It’s important to know! No need to connect the instrument to the dimensions, otherwise the strip from the laser beam will always burn.

You can connect the device with a Laser Stop plus cord. Then you need to connect a “minus” wire to the “mass” of the car.

To check the device, you must start the engine, and press the brake pedal. If a clearly defined red strip is visible behind the car at 25 meters distance, the device is worth it correctly.
laser car fog stop light

How to check the electrolyte density of the battery?
When using the car, its owner is constantly faced with the need to service and replace the battery. Such a battery has an increased load, so over time, the battery…


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