Features of the car deal deal key in the key
Vehicle exchange The key in a key is an exchange without any additional conditions. In other words, in what state of the car is, in such and changes without additional…

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Medical aid for a driver's license in 2017. How to get a medical certificate for rights in 2017?
The purpose of the Medical Commission for motorists in 2017, a survey that allows you to make sure that the driver is healthy and can drive the vehicle. After it…

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Restoration of the paintwork of the car
Defects and damage to the varnish coating of a car may occur not only as a result of an accident, but also to appear as the car is used. Numerous…

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What should be in the trunk of a car?

For sure, every motorist, without thinking, will be able to tell which three things should be constantly in the trunk of the car. Often, these three things: first aid kit, fire extinguisher and spare wheel. But in reality, this list should be bigger. Experienced drivers with more than 10 years of experience will be able to name a dozen more things that should be in the boot.

Every car must have a first aid kit, and it must have all the necessary tools and preparations for first aid. In the first aid kit there must be harnesses, napkins, adhesive plasters, sterile gloves, bandages, in general, all those items that are capable of stopping the blood.

Any kind of trouble may occur on the way, the wheel is the most common one, as a result of which the wheels can be damaged. In this case, the spare tire is not a luxury but a necessity. It can be said that “stock” is an irreplaceable subject, especially during a long trip. Plus to everything, there should be a balloon key and a jack in the boot. And to replace the wheel you will need antitussive shoe, they will lock the car from the involuntary movement.

Emergency stop sign and fire extinguisher are the items that must necessarily be in each car. The traffic police officers have the right to check the presence of these two most important security things. In the absence of them, an administrative fine is issued. If you do not have a fire extinguisher and an emergency stop sign, then you will not get a technical inspection.

With the help of a pressure gauge you can check the pressure indicator in the wheels. When systematically checking the pressure you can significantly increase the length of operation of the tires, which will positively affect your wallet. The car pump plays a rather important role. To date, there are a huge number of types of pumps, so everyone will be able to find a suitable for themselves. Naturally, it would be necessary to carry all this with a car with a huge boot. For example, in a tiny Toyota Aigo, many things will not fit, but for example, Volkswagen Cuddy can be placed much more.

Experienced car owners recommend carrying a tow rope with you. Our roads leave much to be desired, therefore, cars often find themselves in road traps, which can be removed from them by means of a cable. First of all, the tow rope must be durable.

For those motorists who often ride on country trails in the winter, it is recommended to have a soldering lamp with you, which will be able to save from a cold to the arrival of assistance in case of breakage of the vehicle.

There are still plenty of different items that can help in the road: a lantern, a map of local roads, a fuel canister, cigarette wires, a cleaning brush, etc. The final list is the driver himself, guided by his mistakes in life experience.

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