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What is Sticker Bombing Tuning?

A characteristic feature of the world automotive industry is that the vehicles that came down from the car factory conveyor have standard equipment, appearance and other parameters.

Therefore, there is nothing surprising in that a large number of car owners try to decorate their car in any accessible way and make it completely different from the other drivers’ cars, to isolate it from the general mass of similar cars moving on Russian roads.

Today there are a lot of expensive and cheaper ways that you can decorate a car. One of these methods can be considered a stickerbomb. By rules, any repaint of motor transport is prohibited. But many car owners, using the legal methods of bombing stickers, climb out of their skin and try to stand out among other cars.
Fundamentals of external tuning TC
Motorists tuning their vehicle, want to make it very original. Tuning a car is a different complexity, it can be both simple and more complex.

When performing such operations, the appearance of the car often changes to a perfect unrecognizability.

The simplest form of external auto tuning is the installation on the body of the car or on the optics of various overlays, which, as a rule, are installed by the owner of the car on their own. More time-consuming is the car’s airbrushing. Stickerbomb is one of its varieties.
Sticker Bombing Tuning
What is this bombing sticker?
Sticker Bombing – Brand new in the art of auto design fashions. Many motorists have learned about it not so long ago. Fans of such tuning tend to give their car a completely unique appearance, style and brilliant individuality. The native land of this tuning is New York. He appeared there in the 80’s of the twentieth century. It was at this time that the first cars with such tuning appeared for the first time on the streets of this American city. The source of Sticker Bombing is considered a very popular graffiti today, which is the basis of car graphic design.

So, the various labels affixed to the car differentiated it among the other transport on the highway.

A sticker is very popular in the country of the Rising Sun. The drift in this country is gathering huge numbers of viewers. In such motor races involved cars carved with stickers, bizarre drawings, and other images.
sticker bombing
The practical function of Sticker Bombing
Often auto in an accident gets serious body damage. Quickly restoring the appearance of the car helps bright labels, applied directly to the damaged coating. Its recovery makes the vehicle very challenging and rather stylish. It should be noted that the stickers used are called (jdm sticker bombing) and they are one of the types of stickerbombing.

So, bombing sticker is a “bomb” in the field of auto design and tuning. Stickers are very organically and very effectively looking at the cars, which show the logos of the most famous brands of the world. Very good on the TC look animated drawings.

It is important to note that the stickers on the car are selected by each motorist based on their own taste.

Most often, Sticker Bombing stickers are placed on a bumper, bonnet or wings. But to use such tuning and in the salon. Stickers can be made to the originality of the dashboard and lining.

However, only the listed places of sticking sticker bombing are not limited at all. The driver, if desired, can stick with the entire surface of the car. This is called a true bombing, which means “real bombing.” Jdm sticker bombing is also a kind of stickerbombing. “Real bombing” is applied to the entire surface of the LCC of the TC. Such sticking with stickers of a car visually will make from an automobile similar to an advertising banner. Many fans of the bombing sticker say that smaller stickers give color to the variety and make the vehicle look more spectacular. But with such a statement, one can, perhaps, argue.

But at any rate, the final choice is made by the owner of the car himself.

In addition, sticker bombing sometimes involves sticking the surface of the car with large films that are applied to the hood of the car, the wing and other parts of the body. It should be noted that large-sized stickers are usually made according to the ordered pattern.
Sticker Bombing Tuning
What is the best to choose and where to order?
Sticker Bombing is the fastest and most easily accessible kind of car tuning. And there is nothing surprising in that, as the usual painting of the car is troublesome and requires significant investments.

The adherents of the bombing sticker are very pleased with this kind of tuning. The car decorated with Sticker Bombing is the original face of its owner.

Stickers for such tuning are sold in specialized stores. Each motorist has the opportunity to buy ready-made stickers or, as a last resort, to order.

Violation of the rules of overtaking - the consequences, liability and fines of traffic police in 2017
Road safety in 2017 is determined by many reasons. It is important to take into account the traffic safety, hazard and situation. Also, the driver must closely monitor the situation.…


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