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Independent automotive expertise in 2017: why and for whom do we need it?

It is known that in the event of an accident, the insurer firm is not very much burning with the desire to pay compensation to the client in the event of an accident. But often, if the motorist is damaged and is compensated, then the amount of payment is usually much lowered.

That is precisely why many car owners try to carry out NEs after an accident in order to have complete confidence that their civil rights and, accordingly, interests will not be violated in any way.
Automotive Independent Examination and its Basic Principles
An independent examination is conducted in 2017 in order to:

– to assess the condition of the car after the accident and to determine the damage resulting from it;

– to evaluate vehicles for sale.

– to determine the damage caused by strangers.

– to determine how much the vehicle was damaged as a result of a hurricane, a storm or other natural disaster.

You can bring a bunch of examples. For example, the car was in an accident, its owner has OSAGO policy and he is not the fault of the accident. He may ask the insurance company for the insurance indemnification of the damage caused by the car, but he should independently carry out an independent expert for this, as the insurer will give him a pocket-sized expert.

It is also necessary to invite an independent expert if the motor vehicle deliberately injured someone: drunk could break the windshield or scratch the body of the car. NE in this case is necessary in order for the owner of the vehicle to be able to ask the perpetrator in court to recover the damage received by the car.

To this type of procedure, in 80% of cases, those involved in road accidents resort to, slightly less damage is estimated due to damage caused by hooligans or raging poetry.

In the first case, the insurance company recommends to the motorist to take advantage of the services of the organization involved in the inspection of emergency vehicles.

However, such appraisers, as a rule, “feed” the insurer and their assessment will not be adequate for this reason. So, to such an issue it is necessary to approach seriously and better if the TC will be examined by an independent expert commission.

And this can be done and the driver became the perpetrator of the accident and the victim himself. Experts, partners of insurance companies deliberately understate the damage caused by the car, because it is not at all a secret that auto insurance – the industry is very unprofitable. Such a situation to somehow remain afloat, forcing insurers to underestimate the cost of damage and repair.
Independent automotive expertise
And what about automotive expertise?
Such kind of examination in 2017 is carried out as follows:

– the contract is initially concluded;

– Then it is agreed where the car will be inspected and the time will be assigned;

– during the conduct of the NE must necessarily be present: the person who is the perpetrator of the accident, the victim and the representative of the insurer;

– further auto examination is carried out;

– an act is subsequently drawn up, which must be accompanied by photographs of the car with the damage received. Also, the photographs must show the numbers of the affected car;

– then a specialist calculates the cost of all the car received in the accident damage.

To share an independent auto examination can be conditionally in a couple of stages. The first vehicle is inspected and the photographs capture all detected damage. Only after the committed actions is given a final assessment of the damage caused to the vehicle. The result of the expert examination will be received by the customer and then, together with other documents, will provide the insurer, who, on the basis of examination, is obligated to pay for the repair of the vehicle in full.
And how to choose an organization engaged in carrying out an auto examination?
Many motorists, and I must say, are not without reason, are afraid that the overwhelming majority of expert companies is a partner of insurance companies. In addition, today a large number of one-day firms ran out, providing such services. They “guard” the participants of the accident directly from the offices of insurers and “vaporize” their services.
And how many motorists will be spent NE?
The cost of expert expert services in 2017 may vary greatly. Typically, an expert bureau offers a set of services ranging from 3000 rubles. and above. Yes, the full range of services includes:

– expert visit to the accident site – 500-1 thousand rub .;

– Inspection of the scene with photographs and drawing up an act – 1 thousand rub .;

– costing – from 3000 to 8000;

– but here, too, other services can be introduced: if the delivery of the acts to the customer is carried out, then it costs 5 hundred rubles;

– if assistance is provided in making a claim to the insurer – it will cost 2000-3000;

– accompaniment of the client to the firm-stashchidnik and observance of its interests at negotiations – 2000-3000.

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