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Typical repair problems by CASCO when sending an insurance company in 2017

Repair terms of the vehicle are not determined by the law of the RF on the CASCO. When concluding an insurance contract with an insurance company, it is necessary to pay attention to the time allowed for repair, if payments are chosen by way of repair of cars to the service station.

As a rule, terms are indicated in the insurance rules, which are part of Art. 943 GK. Russia The insurance organization must adhere to the terms of the contract and, of course, fulfill all of its obligations in a timely manner and in full.

Usually, when insurance compensation in the direction of the firm-insurer on the service station, motorists face the following difficulties:

the direction for repairing the car in the hands, and on the SRT car do not want to take a car, or if accepted, but not to begin repair. Below, we will look at similar situations in more detail.
The STO refuses to accept a car

If, suppose, the car does not accept the car, then the case here means that there is no contract at the moment between the insurer and the SRT (it could be completed, terminated or not renewed), but the issuing direction to the employee of the insurance company about this is nothing It is not known whether the insurance company has delayed the payment of the repair of the insured motor transport and therefore the STO does not want to suffer further losses.

If the situation is so, then the insured motorist should apply to his insurer to require that he write down a direction to another service station that would agree to undertake the repair of the vehicle.

But in the event that the insurance company refused to issue a different direction, then he needs to request monetary compensation in order to repair the car where the motorist will be comfortable, or to file an insurance order in court.
The car has been accepted at the STO, but they do not want to repair

If the car is accepted, but not for repair, then the reasons for this are as follows: no spare parts, no free masters, the insurance company did not pay the past, the insurer did not make a prepayment, etc.

And what about a motorist to do if the repairs on the CASCO on the service station are delayed?

In order not to happen, when setting up a vehicle for repair, it is necessary to discuss at the SRT the timing of receipt of the necessary parts and repairs.

You can, moreover, provide for the timing of the completion of interim work. So, leaving the car at the service station should fix the date and the appointed time. This will give an opportunity to delay the submission of a claim to the STO.

Also, when contacting the STO, it should be clarified what is the relationship between the company and the insurer: is not the last debt and will soon be started repairs.

If it turns out that the insurance company has not paid the past work, and do not pay the car until repayment of the debt, then the insurance company should require to send the car for repair to another service station.

It may also be that the car was left on the STO, and the terms of repair were not discussed in advance. After some time the motorist calls to find out how the work moves and suddenly it turns out that the repair has not yet begun, because the insurer company did not agree with car repair works or did not transfer prepayment.
How to be in such a situation?

If the timing is not previously discussed with the SRT, then claims to it is not worthwhile. With this, in this case, you should contact the insurer. Immediately require that the insurer company agree with the service station and make a prepayment. If this is denied, then the car must be picked up and demand that she be given a repair for a repair to another car repair shop or money was given out.
And how to minimize the risk of tightening on the KASKO time to repair a car?

Here are 6 most important tips:

– at the time of concluding a contract with an insurer motorist it is necessary to trace the period of repair, and if the contract does not have such a condition, then require to make it;

– when setting up the TC for repairs it is necessary to specify the terms of repair at the service station;

– it is necessary to call as much as possible at the service station, to find out at which stage the work is going on, and if they are delayed, then find out the reasons for the delay;

– if the insurer fails to fulfill his obligations, demand from the latter their performance;

– If the insurer has debts, then the car must be picked up and demand that the insurance company give out a direction for repair to another service station or to give out money;

– If the claims are not satisfied, then you can go to court.

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