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First medical aid in an accident. How to render the first medical aid during an accident?

Unfortunately, accidents on the roads happen often, and every motorist, if he himself did not get into an accident, then, without a doubt, they saw a lot. Most of the deaths in an accident are due to the fact that the victim was untimely or illiterate first aid was provided.
How to help the victim in the accident in the first aid?
The algorithm of actions of rescuing people who have fallen into a road accident is as follows:

– the first thing to do is determine the nature of the injury received;

– then you should remove the injured person from the car;

– to remove clothes from him;

– to provide the first medical aid;

– to transfer the victim to the safest place;

– call an ambulance;

– to accompany the victim to an emergency medical aid vehicle.

At times, transportation of the victim can severely impair his condition (he may have bleeding or he may stop breathing). The Rescuer must first evaluate the following:

– if the injured person is threatening his life;

– whether he has a severe bleeding;

– whether his breathing is uniform;

– did not stop the heart;

– Do not suffer burns.

If the person injured in an accident lost consciousness, his heartbeat is badly felt and he practically does not breathe, it is necessary to do the following:

– to make him artificial respiration;

– to have a heart massage;

– Give him a sniff of amber.
Extracting a person who has fallen victim to an accident from the car
The motorist and his passengers can also suffer in an accident. Ways of recovering the victim, which in the mind and without – are different.

If the victim is in full consciousness, then you need to open the car door and take him out of the car for his forearm. The second member of the salvation must grab the victim’s legs and help move him to a safe place.

The method of extracting a person who has lost consciousness is similar to the first method, but at the moment of grabbing his forearm, he should hold his head tighter and clench his chin. When the victim is taken out of the accident through the rear door, proceed in the same way.

If a trauma to the spine that falls into the accident, then it should be pulled out of the car by the head. When there is a suspicion that the victim’s spine is damaged, it should be placed on a rigid, even surface.

When a stomach or thigh injury, a person should be put on his back, and his legs bent. At a large blood fever, the victim should be put on something soft, and raise the legs.

With a strong bruising of the chest of the victim in an accident, it is best to put a person on the side.
Providing the victim with medical care
Before first to start providing the first medical aid to an injured person in an accident, one should first evaluate his condition. More than 50% of deaths in an accident are due to unskilled first aid. The life of many patients is affected by how soon ambulance arrives at the scene.

20 percent of people die because of severe injuries. The person’s breathing rate is 16-20 breaths in 1 minute. But after the accident, the rhythm of respiration of the victim in an accident can fall to 8-30. The heartbeat should be within 60-80 beats. But if a person is in the strongest shock, then these indicators may vary slightly in one direction or another. But regardless of the shock state, eye pupils should expand. In the event that it is not present, there is a threat to life. You should also examine the human skin. It should have pink color and be warm. In the lost consciousness, the affected skin will become pale and cold.
Such a state can be determined by:

– loss of consciousness;

– stopping his heart;

– enlarged eye pupils.

Act as a comma should:

– the victim should be placed on a rigid surface;

– Release the head and make artificial respiration to the injured person;

– to hold a closed heart massage.
Unconscious state
In this case, it is necessary to act as follows:

– the victim should be put on a rigid and perfectly flat surface;

– make artificial massage;

– raise your legs to the top so that blood has access to the head;

– pat the cheeks or water with water.
Fractures, dislocations or bruises
Injury is a damage to soft skin tissues, which, as a rule, is associated with severe pain and movement. Such a place needs to be draped by a tight bandage and applied to it something cold. If after the accident there are severe headaches, signs of nausea and vomiting, then most likely it’s got a concussion of the brain.

In this case, one should ensure peace and put a cold on his head.

In the event of a fracture, the following should be followed:

– apply tires;

– if the head is broken, then one must put a person face down;

– if the jaw is broken, then the head must be folded sideways, and on the jaw from the bottom to apply the bandage;

– if the collarbone is broken, then the hand should be suspended;

– in the case of a rib fracture, the chest should be tightly dragged;

– When a hip fracture is necessary to apply something solid;

– and if the spine is broken, the person should be put on a stomach.
Blood loss

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