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Medical aid for a driver’s license in 2017. How to get a medical certificate for rights in 2017?

The purpose of the Medical Commission for motorists in 2017, a survey that allows you to make sure that the driver is healthy and can drive the vehicle. After it the motorist receives a certificate about the degree of its suitability / unsuitability. The certificate issued by the medical board is not an empty formality, but a full-fledged document that certifies that the motorist is healthy and has the right to get behind the wheel of the car. It is about this and will be told below.
What is a motorist’s normal health?
The management of the TC is always in jeopardy. That is why very much and very important, besides the technical condition of vehicles, has the speed of reaction of the driver, whose state of health is precisely checked for medical examination. According to statistics, the cause of many accidents is a poor state of health: a person sitting at the wheel can have a heart attack or sharply worsen his eyesight due to fatigue.
In what case will the driver not receive a medical certificate in the year 2017?
– if the motorist is mentally defective;

– if he suffers from mental disorders;

– and if he has an alcohol or drug addiction;

– with trauma of peripheral nerves;

– in case of heart attack, myocarditis, arrhythmia, etc .;

– with arterial hypertension;

– with dysfunction of the vestibular apparatus;

– in case of seizures;

– with poor body dynamics;

– with pathology of extremities;

– for a number of bodily diseases;

– if you suffer from hearing impairment;

– and in some types of eye diseases.
Sometimes in the medical certificate on the VU is marked:

– manual control;

– a special sign is obligatory;

– deaf driver.

For what and with what frequency motorist is required to undergo a medical medical examination?

By itself, medical examination is a prophylaxis, the purpose of which is the emergence of dangerous situations on the road due to health problems with drivers. It is common knowledge that the management of the TC is a matter that is responsible, and often the neglect of the rules involves the death of people.

But even elementary riding in the inexperience of a motorist can cause an accident. In this case, human health plays an important role, since many suffer from diseases that are completely incompatible with driving.

The reference issued by the Medical Commission can be called a peculiar “sieve”, which sifters wishing to obtain a driver’s license, but seriously ill.

Medical examination should pass:

– if the driver receives a new category;

– if received in the MREO VU;

– at the return of the driver’s license after deprivation.

Not so long ago the medical examination had to pass through 2 years. But far from every motorist did it, because the inspectors of the DPS honey never asked for a certificate. In 2017, under a new law, a motorist must pass a medical commission every 10 years when changing rights. However, according to the new rules, there is no need for a medical commission to change the personal data of the motorist, the wear or loss of old VFs and the receipt of IDUs.
And what are all the same categories of motorists should most often undergo a medical examination?
Professional motorists pass medical BO 1 time in 2 years. To everything else, in order to get a job, they need to be further surveyed. A person who is engaged in the carriage of goods or passenger transportation, must before pre-departure medical examination before entering each line.
When is the medical certificate marked?
Such mark should stand in the SU of those motorists who suffer from any deviation in health.

What can be a motorist in 2017, if he does not have a honey certificate, and there will be a mark in the rights, that its presence necessarily?

In this case, the motorist does not have the right to drive the car and the offender is fined in the amount of from five to 15,000 rubles.
And which specialists enter the Medical Medical Commission?
– narcologist;

– lore;

– psychiatrist;

– ophthalmologist;

– therapist;

– a surgeon.

Honey test in a regular clinic or in a private clinic?
The driver, above all, must determine for himself where he will undergo a medical examination – in a clinic or in a private medical center. Both the first and second options have both advantages and disadvantages. Drivers have the opportunity to undergo a medical examination only in two days a month in a state medical institution.

And as for private honey centers, then a motorist for a certain fee without problems can be tested without any problems.
What documents should be submitted to the medical board in 2017?
– identity card of the motorist;

The first thing that doctors pay attention to are medical attention – sight. But nevertheless, the driver can also run a vehicle in glasses.

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