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Violation of the rules of overtaking – the consequences, liability and fines of traffic police in 2017

Road safety in 2017 is determined by many reasons. It is important to take into account the traffic safety, hazard and situation. Also, the driver must closely monitor the situation. Failure to comply with the overtaking rules is the most common cause of an accident. Often, the fatal outcome on the road leads to a frontal collision, which is possible only when you leave any of the cars for their lane. Today, many tracks are four or more striped with delimiters. On them, traffic safety is practically rising. Accidents on such roads are less, and the mortality rate is lower.

This allows us to say that compliance with the rules of overtaking a related vehicle is very important. It is possible to overtake only on the freeway separated by different-directional stripes. In addition, there should not be any prohibitive road signs on the road or the crossing of markings. Overtaking can only be done on the left side. But if the overtaking is done on the right, then this is the gross violation of the traffic regulations, for which the driver will be fined.
Intersection of a single or double solid marking line
Such a violation in 2017 is punishable very severely. It should be realized that this offense is the departure of the car to the oncoming lane in the presence of prohibitive road signs. This kind of violation today has become a “scourge” of fatal accidents. That is why the punishment for it is stipulated very strictly. But there are some nuances:

– crossing a solid marking line and leaving the vehicle for a meeting is punishable by a fine of 5 thousand. rub .;

– under more burdensome circumstances: a pedestrian accident or an accident, the driver will be deprived of 6 months of rights;

– but the law says that the motorist can cross the solid if his life or the lives of other people is threatened with danger;

– it is allowed to unfold the car through a solid line and cross, if after an accident it is necessary urgently to take the person injured in an accident to the hospital;

– even a slow-moving car is forbidden to overtake.
Prohibition of overtaking TC with turn signal turned on
For some reason, they forget about this rule of overtaking. The first is the prohibition of overtaking in front of a moving vehicle, which has a left turn signal. In this case, overtaking maneuver and the accident occurred will result in a fine imposed on the driver in the amount of 5000 rubles. It is also prohibited to overtake in the following situations:

– If the rear car has turned on the left signal of the turn signal and can go overtaking;

– if the car rides on a meeting;

– if there is little room for maneuver;

– if the driver doubts the correctness of the decision.
Other car violations of overtaking rules
In addition to the markup and the road sign “Overtaking is prohibited” there are several situations reflected in the law. If markings on the road are not visible, then the driver must understand that in this case it is impossible to overtake. For such a violation, he may be fined in the amount of 5 thousand. rubles or deprived of a UV for a term of up to 6 months. In order not to get into trouble, the driver must remember the following:

– it is prohibited to overtake at crossroads;

– you can not overtake the “zebra”;

– it is impossible to overtake another vehicle for a hundred meters before the railway crossing and directly on it;

– it is forbidden to overtake on steep turns;

– We must forget about the overtaking of vehicles on bridges or overpasses.
And how to dispute the punishment for what was done wrong overtaking ahead of the passing car?
In 2017, auto lawyers may contest a fine or more severe punishment. Actual, in particular, this kind of help will be for those who find themselves in an unpleasant situation and have fallen due to a traffic violation violation in prison. Since roads in our country are far from perfect, it is possible, if desired, to find a lot of serious arguments, if not for cancellation, then to mitigate the punishment:

– marking on the road was not visible, which was the reason for the violation;

– the road index was installed in an unspoiled location;

– a passing car stood or drove very slowly;

– at the time of the violation the driver rendered emergency assistance to the victims in the accident;

– the violation occurred due to the fact that there was no collision.

Evidence may be photos or video from the place of violation.
If a motorist violated the traffic safety legislation in 2017, and employees of the traffic police issued a protocol to him, then he needs to go to court. But if it turns out that the driver is guilty, then he will not help any court.

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