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How to check the car’s passing by the customs? How to find out if the car has been cleared?

Not everyone who bought a foreign car is not far from checking whether his car has been cleared by customs and whether any customs duties have been paid. The first thing to do is to take care only with carschecking whether his driven from abroad, but you still do not have to forget about cars bought in Russia and already registered.

The seller should be required to show all the documents on the car, which could be a confirmation that the car is canceled. If the vehicle was delivered through several border points, then the documents should be marked with the appropriate markings. But if the seller has only copies of these documents, then one should ask him the explanation why he can not provide the original. However, with the slightest suspicion, it is more appropriate to refuse the purchase.

It is necessary to check the correctness of the customs clearance of a car and to find out if the customs fees are paid in full. There are many cases where, when passing by a customs vehicle, its owner conceals the year of release of the car or lowers the volume of the engine, so that it has passed the customs clearance as a new one.

It should be noted that in this case, the car owner can give a bribe to the customs officer, so that he “closed his eyes” to unreliable information and calculated the lower amount of payments. But nevertheless, “how many ropes can not be wound up”, after some time “fraud” can be revealed. As a result, for the new owner of the TC this will turn into undesirable costs: for when setting up a car for registration in the traffic police department, the truth will open and underpaid customs payments will be revealed. So, the owner of the car will have to cover the difference from his pocket.
The best protection against fraudsters is the proper execution of the transaction
There was a lot to say about buying or selling a car under a general power of attorney. That’s why motorists know that such a transaction is fraught with many unpleasant surprises.

In large part, buying a car under a power of attorney is illegal, since in the given situation the very fact of the transaction is hidden, and accordingly, the concept is replaced: the car is supposedly not for sale, but issued for temporary use.

In fact, when you complete a transaction, you need to go through three important steps:

– the car must be removed from the registration;

– the purchase must be completed;

– and the car must be registered in the traffic police with the new owner.
Removing the TC from the account – the “headache” of the seller. After it has been removed from the registration by car, it is necessary to set temporary numbers, and in the passport for vehicles there should be a mark indicating that this car has been withdrawn from the account due to the sale. Only after the actions the car can be sold.
What documents are needed to buy a car?
– the passport (or any other type of document capable of replacing it) by the person buying the car.

– Identity card (or document that can be provided instead) by the person selling the vehicle.

– PTS.

– power of attorney on the car (if the seller is not the owner, but only has the power to sell the car).

– a statement.

The deal, as a rule, is executed quickly: in the absence of a queue, literally in 15-20 minutes, everything can be arranged and received documents.
This is important
Care must be taken to ensure that the documents are completed correctly. This is especially important when indicating the initials and passport data of both participants in the transaction, data on the car, etc. It should be noted that if there is something wrong with the papers, the traffic police will not register the car.

You can only give money to a seller to buy a car after it is complete confidence that all documents are drawn up and executed correctly. But if there is any ambiguity, then you need to ask about it without hesitation to ask the seller, because there are such things, which will subsequently be corrected not simply.

The buyer must remember that within ten days from the moment of the transaction, he must place the vehicle for registration in the traffic police.
The big mistake of many motorists is that they are very rushing with the purchase of a car without evaluating the situation in a worthy manner and relying only on their desire to buy a car as quickly as possible.

The above is addressed more to the novices, but also to motorists with experienced ones, this may be useful, for all the described recommendations are based on facts and dictated by modern life.

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