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What to do if an accident happened in the parking lot?

Almost every city has big shopping centers and, of course, nearby parking lots for visitors.

Accidents at such parking, regardless of their large size, happen not rarely. Among the inexperienced motorists there are legends that if the vehicles “rushed” in the parking lot, then compensation from the insurer will not be obtained and that it is desirable to solve the problem immediately on the spot. However, those who think so are deeply mistaken.
Parking accident – who is to blame for it and what to do in such a situation?
Situations in an accident in a parking lot can develop in two ways:

1. After the crash, the perpetrator of the accident remained in place.

2. Having damaged someone else’s car, the driver has escaped the damage.

In the first case, DPS should be called up and an accident is to be made. “Dpsniki” should fix:

– the fact of the accident;

– existing damage to the TC;

– Who and what violations of traffic safety regulations have been violated.

On the basis of the last item will be determined and the driver is guilty of an accident.

Important! Now about the second moment. If the offender from the scene has disappeared, leaving the victim only scratches, worry and upset is not necessary, for not everything is lost yet.

In this case, it is also necessary to call the traffic police and arrange an accident. You must necessarily ask the administration of the TC to provide the material from the surveillance cameras installed in the parking lot. You should also try to find witnesses of the incident and record their data and phone numbers. It is possible that one of them remembered the car’s numbers of the concealed culprit. If you are lucky, then on the hot footprints you can find it and bring it to justice.

An accident in the parking lot

Parking clearance
If there are two cars in the parking lot, then drivers have the right to issue an accident in the following ways:

1. without the participation of the inspectors of the DPS, draw up a euro protocol;

2. with participation of traffic police officers.

In the second case, it will be necessary to do the following:

– to photograph the scene of the incident;

– to drive away from the accident place of motor transport, so that they do not interfere with the movement of other cars.

The DPS inspector must do the following:

– draw up an accident scheme;

– check vehicles for damage;

– after determining the details determine the driver of the perpetrator in an accident;

– To conduct a survey of witnesses or to watch video from cameras;

– make a report.

As soon as the employee of the auto inspection performs all necessary actions, he must issue a copy of the report to all the two participants of the accident. This document in court will prove the guilt of some of the drivers and it must be provided to the insurer for insurance indemnity.

If the accident was executed according to the euro protocol, in this case, the injured motorist has the right to file an application to the insurance company to compensate for the damage, because the European protocol has the same significance as the protocol drawn up by the dpsnik.

Important! If an accident occurs due to a collision of more than two cars, insurance payments are not made.

It should be taken into account that the protocol on the European model is drawn up only with the participation in the accident of two TC, and if the participants in the accident there is no disagreement over the guilt and the harm. The responsibility of car owners must also be insured, and the OSAGO policy must be valid at the time of the road accident.

Drivers of the accident at the time of registration on the EP should:

– to take photos of a place of an accident;

– to find eyewitnesses;

– themselves draw the scheme of the incident and make it into the form;

– describe the damage received by the TC;

– indicate who is guilty of an accident;

– to sign the notice;

– remove cars from the road.

An important fact in the design of a road accident is the drafting of an accident scheme. She should indicate:

1. Place of the car park accident.

2. Location of the TC.

3. Direction of their movement.

4. Marking lines and other signs on the site of the accident.

5. Specify the location and name of the shopping center.

Important! The registration of the euro protocol and the accident, should immediately notify the insurance company.
Leaving the accident site perfect on the parking lot
In the first minutes after the accident, under stress, some motorists burst into hiding, warming themselves with the hope that nobody saw them.

If this happened, it would be better to calm down and wait for the owner of the damaged car to arrive, and, upon arrival, call the inspectors of the DPS. Yes, of course, a fine to avoid is unlikely to succeed, but if you just hide, then the driver risks losing his rights.
Fine for a car parking accident
For the “escape” from the accident site according to Art. 12.27 COP, “initiator” of the accident will be:

– arrested for 15 days;

or deprived of rights for a term of one to one and a half years.

The main violation of the traffic safety and maneuvering during an accident in a car park occurs during the movement of the vehicle in reverse. In the rules of the DD it is very clearly described when it is possible to ride in the reverse:

1. if such a movement does not pose a danger to others;

2. if you can use the help of passers-by people at a bad review.

You can not move in reverse:

– at the intersection of streets;

– in the areas where the turn is prohibited: on the “zebra”, on the bridges, n

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