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Buying a car from the USA – the pros and cons

Today, the automobile market of Russia has flooded the cars of Indian, Chinese, Japanese, French and German production. However, there are such connoisseurs of road transport, which like cars produced in America.

The car industry of the United States attracts many, first of all, with such legendary car makers as: Dodge, Ford, Cadillac, Chrysler, due to their affordable value. But still, before buying, it is necessary to find out what pitfalls stall this market and with what difficulties the documents should be faced by the buyer when delivering a car to Russia from the United States.
When choosing an “American” one should take into account in addition to the technical characteristics of the car and its history.

So sometimes the difference in car produced in Europe and America is very significant. Buyers from different countries are waiting for the purchase of a car quite different.

Take as an example turn signals and dimensions. Such lights, in American models, completely do not fall under those regulations existing in our country.

As for the suspension and braking system, the “Yankees” are not confident in safety, but in comfort.

Some inconvenience with the dashboard. The temperature on it shows not in Celsius, as in us, but in Fahrenheit. Speed ​​is in miles. But the biggest disadvantage is that not every model of the car can change anything.

In addition, it should be noted that without the introduction of a special code “American” will not open.

The interior of the American “wheelbarrow” is quite austere, and usually, besides the air conditioner and the electric window-lifters, there is nothing special in it.

Since the upholstery material in the cabin is not very high quality, it quickly wears out.
Cars from USA
Advantages of buying cars from America
The main advantage of American cars is long service life, quality and reliability. Another important point is the price of the imported car, even if it is taken into account for transportation, then the price will be an order of magnitude lower than on the domestic auto market.
You should thoroughly study the “underworld” car from America
As for the new cars, they do not need this. But as for cars with a large run, then they should be taken care of. You can learn the history of a car by VIN code. Paying for carfax.com and autocheck com., You can find out about all the traffic accidents in which the TC or its owner has been visited.

It is also necessary to take into account the class of environmental friendliness. The machine imported into Russia must be at least Euro 5.
And how to get a car from America
You can do this through the firm that sells American cars. The main thing here is the price and the amount of commission fee. The same buyer, besides drawing up the necessary documents, nothing else will have to do.

But if you want to save, you can try yourself to buy a car in the US in the auction. There you can arrange delivery to the port and arrange transportation. Of course, such a way of buying is not very fast, and depend on everything here will be on how quickly it will be possible to find a suitable car.

Of the large number of auctions in the auto market in America, one should note the largest of Mannheim-locked ones. To take part in it, you will have to undergo accreditation. Among other major auctions should be Ebey Motors, Global Auto or Steel.
Delivery of a car from the USA
Transportation of the car – the most important nuance when acquiring a car in the auto market in America. Ships from the auction to the port. Forwarding services include registration of necessary documents for car transportation and loading / unloading.

An important point is insurance, while shipping.

After acquiring the TC for several days, it is dispatched to the cargo port.
Arrival point
The destination should be determined in advance. Knowledgeable people are advised to deliver the purchased car to Lithuanian or German ports, because the taxes in these countries are not very large.
The final stage of the journey is a car bought in America
Unloading a car along with the registration of customs papers will cost the motorist about 400 Euro. It should be remembered that the vehicle must necessarily undergo a technical inspection, otherwise the car will not be able to drive on the roads in Europe.

After the customs formalities are observed, the owner of the car will be able to take his car.
In conclusion, we can say that buying a car from America is not always beneficial. Here, a variety of factors, including risks, must be taken into account.

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