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What are contract car spare parts?

These are used parts and components that were removed from old cars, cars that were in traffic accidents or outdated vehicles in European countries and in Japan. Such spare parts replace the worn parts of a car in Japan and in Europe. Such spare parts are supplied to our country by companies that specialize in contract spare parts.

Under such a scheme, used and emergency supplies are supplied as a whole, as well as individual parts and aggregates. There is some difference between the used spare parts and the contract. So in our country, many automobile disassembly buys old, broken and emergency cars and sells spare parts removed from them on the domestic automobile market.

Consequently, these details, although not contract, but in their condition and in quality, they can almost completely differ. Some companies work directly with companies from Japan and from Europe. Container units and aggregates in containers are being driven.

Advantages of contract spare parts

The main plus of the contract details is the price. It is sometimestimes cheaper than new auto parts.

The second is their plus in the fact that such spare parts are original. Similarly, contract car spare parts (used, secondary parts) for foreign cars – this is the auto parts from cars that did not “walk” earlier on the roads of Russia.

They are brought to our country disassembled and in good state of the art, as car service in European countries and in Japan, as a rule, are used only original details.

That is why the main advantage of contract spare parts is the perfect combination of their value and quality.

To the third advantage it is necessary to attribute their cheapness and accessibility. To put a contract engine or a contract transmission cheaper than restoring “native” with the help of new parts. In addition, there is no guarantee that the new parts will not be of poor quality or defective.
contract spare parts for cars

What should I know about contract spare parts?

What is in Japan, that in Europe – the living standards of people are high. Spare parts change there according to a clear schedule, otherwise the motorist will not be allowed to go through the vehicle inspection. And the older the car is older, the more parts it needs to be replaced. As soon as the car evade the technical standards, it changes to a new one. The old one, with state support, is sent to spare parts. This practice is widely used by automakers, since it significantly reduces harmful emissions into the air.

Cars from Japan and Europe often do not have much mileage, because because of huge traffic jams, many people in these countries prefer to go public transport.

And in Japan and Europe roads are in excellent condition. In many cities along the tracks there are washing jets. Washing of roads is carried out at night by a special team. That is why in many of our foreign cars there are velor rugs, and the suspensions look like new ones.

The spare parts purchased at the auctions of Japan and Europe are the tested parts and they are very high quality.

They stand in different ways. The contract parts market is very dynamic. Let’s assume today that the parts can be found easily, and after a few days it will not be possible to find it. After a week, it can be found twice, and even three times more expensive, or on the contrary – cheaper. The tendency of their sales is unpredictable.

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